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The Most 31 Cool Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas to Inspire You – Part 1

I. Bungee Cords:

#1. The advantage of using PVC pipe and bungee cords to make a storage container for stuffed animal toys is that it can adapt to your space perfectly, because it is designed according to the size of the space:

Check out the Instructions at: theywillloveyoureffort.wordpress.com

#2. Make a corner animal zoo in a kid’s bedroom using rounded corner shelves and clothesline ropes:

Check out the Instructions here: sweetcityusa.com

#3. A drill and bungee cords can transform any cabinet into an amazing stuffed animal storage cage:

Images via: akgriffiths.blogspot.com

#4. Repurpose wooden pallet boards to build a stuffed animal jail:

Check out the Instructions here: thedifferencesbetween.wordpress.com

II. Cargo Netting:

A great way to contain and display kid’s stuffed animal zoo by using cargo netting and a few eye bolts:

You can buy here: amazon.com

Image via: hometalk.com

You can take some plastic hooks and screwed them to the wall.

III. Baskets:

Attach baskets to the wall with hooks, easy to take off the wall for play time:

IV. Space Around The Bed:

The foot of bed and under the bed are a valuable space for storing stuffed animal:

IV.1. Tuck stuffed toys neatly away under the bed with a rolling cart:

IV. 2. Build a toy corral to attach to the end of your child’s bed:

See the more details at: shadesofblueinteriors.com

IV.3. If the space under the bed comes with storage units, it can be used to storage stuffed animals:

V. Long Shelf:

Install a long shelf nearly the length of the room to keep stuffed animals on:

Image via: jupinfamily.blogspot.com

VI. Chain

Attach stuffed animals to a chain with clothespins, and hang them in a corner to get them out of the way:

You can buy them on walmart.

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